Sinxco Service & Package Price List

Price list valid as of March 1st, 2019. Our Terms of Service apply.

No invoices, no upfront costs! Expenses to be deducted from revenues.

You will not receive any invoices for our services at all. We simply put an overdraft (deficit amount) in place, just like an overdraft checking account (bank).

Services and Packages

Bulk Upload, Encoding/Transcoding (per video)$ 4.99
Provide videos via external hard drive or FTP - we convert & upload them to your studio backend
Turnkey Offer - Full Service Package (per video)$ 19.99
includes video & data import, upload, title, description, preview, prices, & discounts, tagging.
Startup Offer - Full Service incl. Video Editing & Music (per video)$ 39.99
Includes all „Turnkey offer” + editing the raw footage/sound and encoding of the video.
Video Pickup (per video)$ 1.99
We pick up the videos at your website or clip store admin, and upload them to your studio backend
Video Data Upload (per video)$ 1.99
You provide titles, descriptions & tags via excel or csv file and we add them to your studio backend
Video Data Pickup (per video)$ 2.99
We pick up the titles, descriptions & tags at your website, and upload them to your studio backend
Video Visual Offer - Preview Image Service (per video)$ 1.99
We implement the preview image of your video from your website or create it from vidcaps.
Full Editorial Offer - Full Text & Meta Service (per video)$ 11.99
We write all text (titles, description) to your video, select tags, performers and create prices.
Video Editing Offer - Full Video Finishing Service (per video)$ 29.99
We edit the final video from your footage, add music (if applicable) and encode the mp4 file.
Video Trailer Offer - Trailer/Teaser Service (per video)$ 19.99
We create a trailer to promote your channel or video.

Additional per video services

Tagging Service (we select the correct categories)$ 6.99
Editorial Service (we write the title & description to your video)$ 6.99
Meta Service (we set sexuality, language, etc. to your video)$ 3.99
Pricing Service (we set the prices to your video)$ 1.99

Per channel services

Channel Setup$ 19.99
Channel Avatar$ 14.99
Channel Description$ 6.99
Channel Pricing$ 1.99

Price list valid as of March 1st, 2019. No invoicing! All costs will be deducted from future revenues/claims (revenue shares, rental fees).

These services can be requested in the Studio Admin page. By requesting any service, Licensor unconditionally and irrevocably agrees to the applicable terms and conditions and costs.

Our valid Terms of Service apply.