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We stand for guaranteed revenues and payouts. presents „JoinCash“ and „Cash Guarantee“ ... our programs that guarantee revenues and cashflow to producers and studios. JoinCash replaces your RevShare if a video did not make any other sale in the relevant period (calender month).

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Apply for our Cash Guarantee rewards - up to $300/video for the first 90 days

Our cash guarantee reward program has 3 non-exclusive levels and 1 exclusive level (for 30 days). The newer the video the higher the amount. Applicable videos get reviewed and a decision will be made by us. Please check the program requirements here

Not rewarded? We will still pay $0,01 per day/video or the 51% RevShare

Even if we cannot reward your video, you will still make your money. Our auto-fallback makes sure that you will get your JoinCash of $0,01 per video or your 51% RevShare always and in any case. After the JoinCash period has passed, the relevant content automatically falls into the 51% RevShare category. With our xCashtag subscriptions and the „pay-per-video“ scheme, you will make your money one way or the other.

JoinCash & Cash Guarantee levels

  • JOINCASH - $0,01/day (minimum 365 days)
    Any video being published that made no other sale, running 365 days, extends monthly as long as you publish at least 2 applicable adult videos monthly.
  • FIRST - $300 for 90 days = $3,33/day
    Per video not older than 60 days, first & exclusive for 30 days + non-exclusive for 60 days succeeding, being labeled “First”.
  • FRESH - $150 for 90 days = $1,66/day
    Per video not older than 60 days, non-exclusive, being labeled “Fresh”.
  • YOUNG - $75 for 90 days = $0,83/day
    Per video not older than 90 days, non-exclusive, being labeled “Young”.
  • ARCHIVE - $5 for 30 days = $0,16/day
    per video older than 90 days, being labeled “Archive”.

Cash Guarantee requirements

  • Include a permanent link to (on its primary social media profiles/websites with min. 12.500 followers/visitors per site/profile and month (for levels ARCHIVE, YOUNG, FRESH, FIRST)
  • 2 weekly posts or retweets/reposts/shared posts (per social media channel/account) with direct links from and/or to and the Sinx social media profiles (for levels YOUNG, FRESH, FIRST)
  • Sole ownership of content (rights), no brokers/resellers, affiliates
  • 60 months guaranteed availability of content
  • No solo scenes, nonsense, chunks, low value or value-free content
  • Production date, 2257 and model release available
  • Unique video setups/scenarios, min. 15 minutes clip duration
  • Penalties for violations/infringements ($ 400 per case + payout cancellation)
  • Videos to be proposed by studios in video admin
  • No status change of “video” assignment/status when accepted and active


Any fraudulent behavior will be strictly tracked and causes penalties and restrictions, including suspended payouts, accounts or even the termination of your account.

Please check also our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.