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We support new and exclusive videos. presents the one and only “Rent Out” Programme. Our unique and exclusive option that guarantees revenue and cash flow to producers and studios when they bring new and even exclusive (for only 90 days) videos. Submit your brand new videos today and start earning guaranteed income!

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Apply for the Rent Out Program and get up to $270 for the first 90 days

Our ‘Rent Out’ program has two levels/labels: An exclusive level ($270 per video) and a non-exclusive level ($90 per video). Both offer a set daily income for the first 90 days of publication, beginning with the release day.

Studios can propose videos for the ‘Rent Out’ program in their video admin section. The proposal is reviewed within 48 hours by our admin team, who decide on the ‘Rent Out’ rate awarded to the studio. Every proposal requires a proof of freshness (a short video of the cast, location and a newspaper to proof the production date.

Please check the How-To Guide here.

Here is a video sample how to proof the freshness of your proposed video:

Rent Out labels

  • FIRST - $270 total for 90 days = $3/day
    We reward newly produced videos being EXCLUSIVE released @ (exclusive for first 90 days of publication)
  • FRESH - $90 total for 90 days = $1/day
    We reward newly produced videos being NON-EXCLUSIVE released @

Rent Out requirements

  • No more than 4 (four) approved “First,” and 4 (four) approved “Fresh” per calendar month, per studio
  • The video is 100% new produced
  • A continuously visible “Pinned Post” on the Studio’s primary Twitter account for the entire Rent Out period and a permanent link to on the Studio’s primary social media profiles/websites.
  • Sole ownership of content and rights, no videos from brokers/resellers, or affiliates
  • No solo person scenes, nonsense, chunks, low value or value-free content
  • 15 minutes minimum duration
  • A proof of freshness, made by a short video with all performers “ready-to-shoot” (including styling/makeup) at the location, with a perfectly readable newspaper to verify the cast and date of production. No masks, sunglasses, etc.
  • No status change of the applicable videos for 90 days

Tube site Policy:

Our “Rent Out” program is designed to support studios creating fresh quality content. It’s not designed to provide free content to illegal tubes sites. When fingerprinted “First” & “Fresh” level files of the “Rent Out” program will be found on tube sites (and not instantly removed), those “Rent Out” files will be disabled, and payments cancelled.

In the event of repeating violations, studio may be suspended from the “Rent Out” program permanently.

This policy applies especially but not limited to:

  • xvideos, xnxx
  • pornhub, youporn, redtube
  • xhamster Policy:

Do not upload “First” level content to during the exclusive period of 90 days.

In case of violation, payouts to the related videos will be cancelled.

In the event of repeating violations, studio may be suspended from the “Rent Out” program permanently.

Caution Regarding Account Activity:

We strictly monitor suspected fraudulent activity and take immediate action to resolve it. Fraudulent activity can result in the suspension of pay-outs, termination of all/any accounts, and reporting to the relevant authorities.

Please also check our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.