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Time to get creative! Shoot a short video (just like a TV ad) exclusively to promote, send it over to us, and then retweet our post, which we tag you in! We pay up to $180 per promotion (video + retweet), depending on the scale of your Twitter following.

Every month we award the most successful promotion with $500! So, encourage your followers to like, share, and retweet your commercial!

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Commercial / Video Ad for Sinx. How it Works:

Shoot it, edit it and send it over. We will review your promo clip, and if approved, we will post it to our official Twitter account (@sinx_com). Then share, retweet and like the post and encourage your loyal followers to do the same!

The most successful videos (counting number of retweets, likes, and comments on our tweet and all retweets) will win our monthly cash prize of $500!

If you have a SFW version, please submit as well! SFW means SAFE FOR WORK and MUST NOT contain obscene, profane or explicite content, no nudity and no outgoing links/urls presented in the spot. The Sinx/Sinxco logos/brands are ok.You can submit as many commercials as you want but please note we will not release more than three videos per studio, per calendar month.

What video content works well? There is no master plan. Parodies of mainstream commercial work well, but we would also love to see how you get creative! Sexy, fun, and polarizing content is great. Check out the samples below.

Not safe for work
Safe for work

Video requirements

  • Minimum length of 30 seconds, maximum length of 2:20 minutes.
  • Videos must be submitted in MP4 format
  • Naughty, sexual, kinky or appealing fetish elements required
  • Funny videos and parodies of famous commercials welcome
  • Accepted languages include English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese
  • Videos must not violate/infringe original copyrights (music, logos, footage)

Twitter account requirements & terms

  • Your account must be set to Public, not Private.
  • 250.000+ followers = $180 cash
  • 125.000+ followers = $140 cash
  • 20.000+ followers = $100 cash
  • 2.500+ followers = $60 cash

Send Commercials

Please send your finished commercials (.mp4 only) using to our commercial inbox:

Sender’s email address has to be the studio email address verified by!

Caution Regarding Account Activity:

We strictly monitor suspected fraudulent activity and take immediate action to resolve it. Fraudulent activity can result in the suspension of pay-outs, termination of all/any accounts, and reporting to the relevant authorities.

Please also check our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.