Sell by subscriptions of categories

Let users access your videos within categories/niches (xCashtags) that they subscribed to - at a fixed price!

This way you can profit from existing subscribers and your video competes only within the categories you assign your video to.

Simply create your Sinxco business account free

Sign up and then confirm later your address and identity. Manage all your content, promote your videos and channels, setup xCashtag subscriptions and discounts!

Assign your videos to the matching xCashtags (categories) in the admin

The subscription to these categories grant users access to all equally tagged (marked) videos of this category/niche. To users and subscribers of the xCashtags it feels like free/included, but you get paid for every purchase.

The first real fair subscription model for fetish & special interest videos

Forget about websites offering one subscription to all videos (including yours) and a payout share of 30% or less. Even if you would be ok with 30%, how do you want to compete with mainstream porn videos when you produce fetish videos? That doesn’t work right? But fetishists and kinksters do also love good and fixed prices. So let’s get the best of both worlds: let them subscribe to their favorite categories! If you don’t like our idea, ignore it and just use our „pay-per-video“ model including discount options. But, ... 😊

xCashtag subscription benefits

  • Faster money by benefiting from existing subscribers of xCashtags (categories)
  • Compete only with similar videos within the same xCashtag (category)
  • Assign your videos to multiple but matching xCashtags (categories) and multiply the revenue and popularity
  • Steady revenues from returning users, recurring subscriptions & the feel of „free of charge“ on userside when having unlimited access to an xCashtag (category)
  • Combine it with the „Pay-per-Video“ option & let users being in full control


Any fraudulent behavior will be strictly tracked and causes penalties and restrictions, including suspended payouts, accounts or even the termination of your account.

Please check also our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.