Selling by Category

Let users access your videos within categories/niches (Cashtags) that they subscribe to - at a fixed price!

This way, you can profit from existing subscribers, and your video only competes within the category you assign to your video.

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Assign your videos to the matching cashtags (categories) in the admin

Subscribing to an cashtag category grants users access to all the videos tagged with this category/niche. It won’t cost the user anything extra when new videos are added to the category. Instead, they just pay their monthly fee, and you get paid a share for every purchase.

The first real fair subscription model for fetish & special interest videos

Forget about websites offering one subscription to all videos, including yours, at a payout share of 30% or less, where niche fetish content can get lost amongst the bulk of mainstream porn clips.

Give your fetishist and kinkster fans the best of both worlds: they can subscribe to their favorite categories featuring all their favorite types of content, and all at a fair fixed price. You can also offer a “pay per video” option, as well as taking advantage of our cashtag category subscription benefits.

Selling by category (cashtag) benefits

  • Make money faster by benefiting from the existing subscribers to cashtags
  • Compete only with similar videos within the same cashtag
  • Assign your videos to multiple matching cashtags and multiply the revenue and popularity
  • Enjoy steady revenues from returning users and recurring subscriptions
  • Keep customers happy! Customers feel as if they get extra, “free of charge” benefits when they have unlimited access to an cashtag
  • Combine subscription sales with the ‘Pay-per-Video’ option to give customers more choice

Caution Regarding Account Activity:

We strictly monitor suspected fraudulent activity and take immediate action to resolve it. Fraudulent activity can result in the suspension of pay-outs, termination of all/any accounts, and reporting to the relevant authorities.

Please also check our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.