Sell per video

Let users access your videos individually, make special offers and enable, disable or change discounts anytime.

The classic way of selling videos and giving individual discounts.

Simply create your Sinxco business account free

Sign up and then confirm later your address and identity. Manage all your content, promote your videos and channels, setup xCashtag subscriptions and discounts!

A seamless admin to upload and manage videos and prices yourself

Easy to handle and surrounded by hints/tips to make your life easier. Upload, setup preview, titles, descriptions and tags. You are in control for prices and discounts. And many service offers here

Sell-per-Video benefits

  • You set prices and special offers, seasonal or steady discounts
  • You manage your videos, previews, updates and schedules
  • Users love non-recurring pay-per-view options beside subscriptions
  • Combine this feature with xCashtag subscriptions and make users 100% happy


Any fraudulent behavior will be strictly tracked and causes penalties and restrictions, including suspended payouts, accounts or even the termination of your account.

Please check also our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.