Startup Service from $ 39.99/video

This is for the newbies, rookies and beginners ...

Start your new video business and focus on the important things like organizing great shootings, making hot videos, getting the paperwork done (2257, model releases and location releases) and make noise via social media and other online hotspots.

But let the tricky part up to us if you want or don’t know yet how it works.

We can easily

  • Edit you footage and create videos you can sell
  • Manage your channel, videos and account
  • Create all titles, descriptions, tags, previews and prices

Simply create your Sinxco business account free

Sign up and then confirm later your address and identity. Manage all your content, promote your videos and channels, setup xCashtag subscriptions and discounts!

Contact the support and arrange this special account package.

When using the regular video upload/admin, no costs apply.

Startup service benefits

  • Only sign up, verify account and enter your bank/paxum details
  • Send the raw footage, some pics to it, 2257, model & location release – that’s it!
  • No administration work/account management, no troubles with english language
  • Realistic price per video, no upfront costs, we recoup fees from future revenues


Any fraudulent behavior will be strictly tracked and causes penalties and restrictions, including suspended payouts, accounts or even the termination of your account.

Please check also our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.