Sales, Earnings and Exposure

Using our sales & promotional tools, existing visitors and how-to guides for your success.

51% Net Payout

  • of all sales, subscriptions or donations
  • 100% free of Euro-VAT charges
  • Prompt payouts by bank wire or Paxum

Guaranteed Rental Income

  • Fixed monthly rental incomes
  • Guaranteed minimum amounts
  • Rewards (exclusivity, freshness)

Bonus & Incentives

  • $99 Welcome bonus for studios
  • $40 Extra bonus per referred user
  • Promotion bonus up to $180 per video

Services on Demand

  • Bulk/mass import of your videos (ftp, …)
  • Stress-free ‘All Inclusive’ studio service
  • Editorial service (title, description, price, …)

Cashtags // Selling videos by category subscriptions

Let users access your videos within entire categories (Cashtags) at a fixed price per category.
Profit from existing subscribers and let your videos sell with similar videos. Sell per video or channel as well.