Bulk/Mass Uploads max. $ 4.99/video

Many videos but no time to upload them one by one?

We can easily help you. Simply send us your videos (250+ videos) via ftp or external hard drive. We will add them to your account where you will manage them. Or check our other additional services ...

Our service solves also other issues you might have:

  • Videos in outdated formats like .avi and .mpeg
  • Videos in Apple/mobile formats like .mov
  • Videos in 4k formats like .mkv
  • oversized bitrates of your .mp4 videos

You can even download the converted videos & use them somewhere else.

Simply create your Sinxco business account free

Sign up and then confirm later your address and identity. Manage all your content, promote your videos and channels, setup xCashtag subscriptions and discounts!

Contact the support and arrange the bulk/mass upload of your videos.

When using the regular video upload, no cost apply at all. We accept only quantities of 150+ for this feature. Discounts are available (depending on quantities).

Bulk upload & transcoding service benefits

  • One single upload to ftp or providing an external hard drive
  • Files are getting much faster into your video admin, where you manage the rest
  • Less time and money invested on your end, focus on the important things
  • All videos will be processed & available in the required format & quality
  • Realistic and low price per video, discounts possible (quantities)


Any fraudulent behavior will be strictly tracked and causes penalties and restrictions, including suspended payouts, accounts or even the termination of your account.

Please check also our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.