Bulk Video Uploads from only $ 1.99/video

Do you have lots of videos or large files (full movies or 4K videos) but no time to upload them one by one?

We can help you! Simply send us your videos via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or external hard drive. We take care of adding them to your account, and you can take care of managing the details.

Our business services can also take care of other concerns you might have, such as:

  • Outdated video formats like .avi and .mpeg
  • Videos in Apple/mobile formats like .mov
  • Videos in 4k formats like .mkv
  • Oversized bitrates of your .mp4 videos

We can convert and compress these videos for you, which you can later download for use elsewhere.

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Contact the support to arrange bulk uploads

Discounts are available, depending on the number of videos.

Bulk upload & transcoding service benefits

  • Choose a bulk upload method that suits you: directly upload in bulk to FTP or provide an external hard drive with multiple files
  • Take advantage of much faster file uploads, so you can jump right into managing your files
  • Focus on the important things: spend less time and money on getting your Sinxco.com channel up and running
  • All processed videos will be made available in the required format and quality, making them suitable for use elsewhere
  • There are no upfront costs or invoices to be paid. Instead, we recoup fees from future revenues on your Sinxco.com account

Caution Regarding Account Activity:

We strictly monitor suspected fraudulent activity and take immediate action to resolve it. Fraudulent activity can result in the suspension of pay-outs, termination of all/any accounts, and reporting to the relevant authorities.

Please also check our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.