Sinx/Sinxco Content Rules

We have a few simple but strict rules regarding content

Do not upload videos containing one or multiple of the following niches:

  • Intoxication (Alcohol & Drugs)
  • Sleeping, Passed out & Chloroform
  • Underage (no people under 18 at all)
  • Animals & Sex (Real or Fake)
  • Forced Sex or Rape (Real or Fake)
  • Injuries & Mutilation
  • Homicide & Snuff (Real or Fake)
  • Revenge Porn
  • Racism & Libel
  • Scat, Menstruation & Vomit
  • Brutality & Threat of Violence
  • 4 Bounded Extremities & Sex (Bondage itself is ok, less than 4 bounded extremities & sex too)
  • Disparagement of Religions

Also do not use those words, or similar words, in video titles and/or descriptions.


Any fraudulent behavior will be strictly tracked and causes penalties and restrictions, including suspended payouts, accounts or even the termination of your account.

Please check also our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.