Open your studio - 51% net payout

51% Studio Payout, No-Euro VAT, and Guaranteed Fixed Income!

Do you create or own adult videos? How about Fetish clips or kinky movies? Maybe you just feel like shooting your own, sexy content? If so, then Sinxco is for you! Let’s get going.

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It’s easy. Sign up and confirm your email address. Quickly and easily verify your address and ID to start promoting your new Sinxco channels and videos, set up cashtag subscriptions, offer customer discounts, and use many more of our features that make you money!

Add your videos to our categories and make money from th tag subscriptions

Using our cashtags makes life much easier. You tag your videos with the matching categories (xCashtags) and get paid for your share of the subscription revenue of this tag. For example, if a video matches with seven of our xCashtags, then this video can earn money seven separate times. You can create a very stable and fast stream of income using subscription-based revenues, and your videos only compete with similar videos within the same category (e.g., a bondage video competes with other bondage videos instead of orgy videos).

Allow people to Pay-per-Video and Pay-per-Channel and offer discounts however you like!

You have the option to allow customers to purchase single videos with the ‘pay per video’ feature, as well as the option to allow customers to buy all of your videos on your channel with the ‘pay per channel’ feature. This means customers do not have to subscribe to a whole category. You can also set up your store on a strictly ‘pay per video’ basis.

You can set discounts, disable them, or edit them at any time. You’re in complete control of how you run your channel, and how you sell your videos, 100% of the time!

Add your videos to our Rent Out program for guaranteed payments!

When your new videos meet our specific requirements, you can add them to our Rent Out program. There are two Rent Out levels: Fresh (non-exclusive) and First (exclusive), where you can get fixed rental fees for the first 90 days.

More details and requirements here. Our Cash Guarantee program provides great revenues for every published video.

Major benefits for studios

  • 51% of all net sales, donations, revenue shares
  • Add your videos to our categories (Cashtags) and let users subscribe to them
  • Apply to our “Rent Out” & “Cash Guarantee” programs and ensure cashflo
  • We manage all billing, hosting, and customer support
  • We handle all EU-VAT and GDPR/DSGVO (EU)
  • You can earn a commission for recruited users & businesses
  • We offer optional add-on business services that are recouped from future revenues
  • We offer package account management and editorial services such as our Full Service and Startup Service
  • Prompt monthly payouts by wire transfer or Paxum
  • Sales promotion and advertising tools @ Sinx

General Terms:

To approve your account, we require a signed contract and photo proof of your identity (passport, ID, driver’s license) and address (utility bill, bank or credit card statement). If you represent a private business or a corporation, we will need a copy of the business registration or the extract of the chamber of commerce.

Caution Regarding Account Activity:

We strictly monitor suspected fraudulent activity and take immediate action to resolve it. Fraudulent activity can result in the suspension of pay-outs, termination of all/any accounts, and reporting to the relevant authorities.

Please also check our complete and valid Terms & Conditions.