Sinxco 'How-To' Guide

Find out 'how to' easily get things done fast and successful.

How to open a studio at

  1. Register and confirm your email address. A valid email address is mandatory.
  2. Enter all required information including a valid phone number and messenger contact, read and accept the license agreement, upload the proof of your address and identity. Don’t forget your bank details or Paxum email address for correct payment.
  3. A copy/photo of your ID/Passport/Driver’s License and a utility bill (gas, electricity, phone) or bank/credit card statement will do the job to comply with regulations. If you represent a company, we will also need a copy of the company registration.
  4. Create one or more channels for your studio. Choose names & descriptions. You have to setup at least 1 channel to upload videos.
  5. Start uploading your videos (scenes or full movies) to these channels, using your video admin tool. Ask about bulk uploads if needed.
  6. Add titles, descriptions, tags & xCashtags, prices, etc.
  7. Publish your videos instantly or set a date to go live.

How to upload content?

  1. Get your account approved first. You are not able to upload content before your account is successfully approved.
  2. Create one or more channels for your studio. Choose names & descriptions. You have to setup at least 1 channel to upload videos.
  3. Start uploading your videos (scenes or full movies) to these channels, using your video admin tool. Ask for bulk uploads if needed.

How to make guaranteed money?

  1. Nothing is better than money you get anyway. That’s why we came up with the idea to pay you in any case … We pay you $0.01 for every adult video you publish per day if this video did not make any other sale in the relevant period (calender month). Running 365 days and extends monthly as long as you publish at least 2 applicable adult videos monthly. It’s not just a penny, it’s JoinCash.
  2. wants to reward interesting content & especially new & fresh content along with traffic, for up to $300 in the first 90 days. The name of the game is Cash Guarantee.
  3. When your video meets our requirements, we often grant our cash guarantee automatically for an accepted submission. We recommend, to enable your videos always for the cash guarantee program. Choose the level “Archive” if you are unsure what to select.
  4. We have 4 levels, depending how new the video is (date of production). Level “First” requires the premiere release and 30 days exclusivity followed by 60 days non-exclusive presentation. The other 3 levels are completely non-exclusive.
  5. Links to and posts/reposts on social media are mandatory and will be tracked.
  6. The newer your video, the higher the amount. But also old movies can get apply to the program (level “archive”).

How to apply to the cash guarantee?

  1. Simply add your videos like always, using the video admin.
  2. Your videos apply automatically to our JoinCash plan. JoinCash replaces your RevShare if a video did not make any other sale in the relevant period (calender month).
  3. Check/mark the box in the section “Cash Guarantee” to propose the video for the cash guarantee reward program.
  4. Select the matching level depending on the date of production and upload the model releases/ID shots for this video to provide a proof.
  5. We review and accept or deny usually within 48 hours. We might make an offer for a lower level instead of declining.
  6. When accepted in any form the video status cannot be changed. The standard period is 90 days. The level “Archive” has a 30 days duration and counts by day.We recommend, to enable your videos always for the cash guarantee program. Choose the level “Archive” if you are not sure what to select.

How to sell by category (xCashtags)?

  1. xCashtags are categories, dress codes and characters. Users subscribe to as many categories as they wish, so the more categories for your submission, the more income possibilities.
  2. After you added the matching categories, dress codes and characters to let people find your video using the search engine, also add the matching xCashtags to the video in the section “Pricing”.
  3. Type in and choose from the suggested tags. Make sure that significant and really matching tags will be assigned.
  4. Follow the hints/tips in the video admin and don’t fool/scam users by using wrong xCashtags!
  5. You cannot find the right xCashtag? Please talk to our support people and suggest one.

How to push my sales?

  1. Bring your best videos, give it your best shot! Listen to your customers, make them happy and feel like a king!
  2. Talk about your videos every day and link from websites, boards, social media and other sources directly to your videos @
  3. Set correct xCashtags and let existing subscribers access your videos easily – to them it feels like “free” but you get paid your share from the subscription.
  4. Enable people in addition to the xCashtags also to purchase your videos one by one.
  5. Set seasonal, occasional or permanent discounts for your videos.

How to earn additional money?

  1. Refer new users and get paid per customer that you recruit by sharing links to (including your tracking ID) everywhere on internet (from $25/user).
  2. Our internal Referral Bonus program to studios will track your sales. All applicable commissions will be added to your studio payout automatically and listed in the reports.
  3. Traffic brokers, global aggregators and professional webmasters should use our external tracking program Sinxcash/Taincash, providing more advanced statistics.
  4. Additional bonuses and rewards for traffic and quality are occasionally available and will be announced.
  5. On a regular basis we will organize cash prize contests to make studios able to cash in on top.

How to optimize my studio?

  1. Choose catchy channel names and short but powerful descriptions to the channels.
  2. Choose appealing avatars for your channels. Pictures do better than text. Logos are ok when popular and known.
  3. Short video titles are preferred. Descriptions should reflect the content in short and thrilling words.
  4. Add a paragraph in a second language to your descriptions (just as you know it from social media).
  5. Choose the best screencap as the preview image or even upload an image that you created for this video.
  6. Make sure that your video has the correct tags to make people find your videos in the search engine. Don’t use incorrect tags and make sure you are not missing matching ones.
  7. Don’t lie to users or mislead them. They won’t forget it.

How to produce hot videos?

  1. Decide if you want to have sex involved (porn) or if you want to focus on special interest clips (fetish). Many people call BDSM fetish, but it is just one type of fetish (body parts, roleplay, clothing, …).
  2. The more passion you bring in, the better the videos will sell. Users can tell if you are really “involved” or just trying to make some fast cash.
  3. Stay away from extreme specific activities or ask a specialist to join the production. Bondage videos need real skills, but you can do great “bound” or “tied up” videos with handcuffs, ropes, cords or tapes yourself.
  4. The length of the video depends on the type on content. Fetish works better with introduction and definitely needs time to breath. Porn can be shorter. Porn without a story is often called gonzo and does not require much time. Storyline porn is very popular and produced like a fetish movie.
  5. Make crazy movies, but don’t try dangerous or illegal stuff! Check our content rules as well.
  6. Book enthusiastic performers/people, family or friends if you need help with your shoot or equipment.
  7. More important than the camera is the light. Check LED panels (duo packages from 200 USD).
  8. Really good 4K cameras start at 450 USD these days (Panasonic). You can even shoot with your smart phone (Samsung, Apple, Sony, Huawei). Don’t forget batteries and memory cards to save the footage. You can check tripods, gimbals and sticks if you have some money left.
  9. Don’t forget the paperwork: you need a proof of identity and age (ID shot with face, newspaper for date proof and ID/passport of the person all in one picture) of every person visible in the video, the written consent that you can use the footage unrestricted (model release/contract). In best case you also have a written proof of permission to use the location, when it was not your own property.
  10. IMPORTANT: Turn off any television or radio! You don’t have the rights to the music played there. Make sure to use only music you have the rights to in the post-production. This is called royalty-free music or stock music. But read the fine print: often only the producer is compensated but NOT the author. Certain stock music services/products, e.g., can get you into trouble when using them for adult online platforms, your own websites or DVD, …

How to get proper paperwork done?

  1. The so called, “2257” or “18 U.S. Code §2257 Statement” relates to the id shot. The id shot combines in one picture the person, the person’s ID/passport and usually a newspaper to prove the date of production.

    Find a sample here

  2. The model release describes a contract between the producer and the performers. Performers grant to the producer usually unrestricted rights to commercially use the footage made, often including the financial compensation, in one payment or including royalties.

    Find a sample here

  3. The location release is mostly requested when it comes to broadcast releases (television). But since many productions happened in locations booked via Airbnb or similar platforms, the proof of permission is more often demanded by licensees or distributors. Not a must-have but definitely nice-to-have, if you want to be 100% safe.

    Find a sample here