Sinxco 'How-To' Guide

Find out 'how to' easily get things done fast and successful.

How can I open a studio at

To get started, register and verify a valid email address.

Then, add the following information to your account details section:

  • Valid phone number
  • Messenger contact details, such as Skype
  •  Payment information: your bank details or a Paxum email address
  • Proof of Identity: a copy of suitable photo ID such as a passport or driver’s licence
  • Proof of address: a utility bill (gas, electricity, phone) or a bank/credit card statement
  •  If you represent a company, we will need a copy of the company registration details

Read and accept the license agreement to complete your registration.

To start uploading videos, create a channel for your studio. You can create multiple channels, but you must have at least one channel set up to upload your videos. Choose a suitable name for your channel and create a short description of it.

Start uploading your videos using the video admin tool. If you have lots of video files, we can upload them in bulk for you.

Add details to your videos such as titles, descriptions, tags, cashtags, and prices.

You can publish videos instantly or set a date to go live.

How can I get the ‘Welcome Bonus’?

Simply upload and publish at least 15 suitable videos and a bonus of $99 will be automatically credited to your payout balance.

How can I make guaranteed money with

With our ‘Cash Guarantee’ you will make guaranteed money when uploading and publishing suitable, quality videos. No extra work required. $18 per video is guaranteed as a minimum for the first year.

There are two options to increase your guaranteed revenue when you upload newly produced videos. With our ‘Rent Out’ program you can choose between a first 90 days ‘exclusive’ or ‘non-exclusive’ period of rent. We guarantee $270 for exclusive videos and $90 for non-exclusive videos for a 90-day period.

How can I use the ‘Cash Guarantee’?

It’s easy. Upload and publish your video, using the video admin tool, and keep the “Cash Guarantee” checkbox ticked (enabled). There is nothing else to do for you.

Our ‘Cash Guarantee’ provides a minimum revenue of $0.05 per video per day for 365 days. It can be extended for an additional 4 years to a total minimum of $54.50 per video.

Your videos apply automatically to our ‘Cash Guarantee’. The ‘Cash Guarantee’ replaces the studio share if a video did not make any other sale in the relevant period (calendar month). If the studio share amount of a video is higher, you will be paid the highest amount.

How can I use the ‘Rent Out’ program?

Newly produced videos that match our requirements can qualify for our ‘Rent Out’ program. This program covers the first 90 days of publication for a qualified video.

Upload the video using the video admin tool and use the drop-down box at the bottom to choose your preferred type of rental for the first 90 days: full exclusivity (‘First’) or non-exclusive presentation (‘Fresh’).

The ‘First’ level guarantees $270 per video ($3/day, paid monthly) and the ‘Fresh’ level guarantees $90 per video ($1/day, paid monthly) You also need to upload proof of the production date: a short video of all performers together, on set and fully ready-to-shoot, showing a newspaper with the date of publishing. The styling and location has to match with the finished video proposed to the ‘Rent Out’ program. Here is a sample video

We review the video and usually accept or deny the proposed rental rate within 48 hours. Keep the checkbox “Propose to level ‘Fresh’ as substitute” next to the dropdown ticked in case your submission doesn’t qualify for the ‘First’ level

A notification will be sent to the inbox section to keep you up to date with the progress. A badge will be given to the video when accepted.

Beside a ‘pinned post’ with a link to us on Twitter or in your social media profile or website, there are only a few simple video requirements.

Tube site Policy:

Our “Rent Out” program is designed to support studios creating fresh quality content. It’s not designed to provide free content to illegal tubes sites. When fingerprinted “First” & “Fresh” level files of the “Rent Out” program will be found on tube sites (and not instantly removed), those “Rent Out” files will be disabled, and payments cancelled.

In the event of repeating violations, studio may be suspended from the “Rent Out” program permanently.

This policy applies especially but not limited to:

  • xvideos, xnxx
  • pornhub, youporn, redtube
  • xhamster Policy:

Do not upload “First” level content to during the exclusive period of 90 days.

In case of violation, payouts to the related videos will be cancelled.

In the event of repeating violations, studio may be suspended from the “Rent Out” program permanently.

How can I optimize my channels?

It’s entirely up to you if you open just one channel for all your videos or several channels separated by categories or other topics. If you plan to publish videos in different sexualities (straight, gay, bisexual, transsexual) you will have to create at least 1 channel per sexuality.

Choose catchy channel names and add short but powerful descriptions to the channels. Add a paragraph in a second language to your description, just like the multi-language posts on social media.

Choose appealing avatars for your channels. Pictures do better than text. Logos are okay when clean and recognizable.

Make sure that your channel has the correct tags to help people find your channel in the search engine.

Don’t lie to users or mislead them. Don’t use incorrect tags and make sure you are not missing matching ones. It might be tempting to use as many tags as possible but using incorrect tags will hurt your business. For example, it will confuse your customers if you tag a video as a “foot fetish” clip, but feet are not featured in the video! This disappointment will make them avoid your channel in the future. Similarly, if your video is missing relevant tags, customers who enjoy the type of clips you make might not get to see them!

Find a good price point for your channel. There is no general rule for how you set a channel price, but gonzo and porn channels are usually a bit cheaper (4.99 - 14.99), while fetish channels can ask for higher prices (14.99 - 29.99). If you have just a few videos online, it is best to set the price lower too. Channels with lots of videos can probably set a price between 19.99 and 49.99. Don’t forget about discounts too!

How can I offer and sell videos?

Create one or more channels for your studio first. Choose great channel names and create short descriptions of the kind of content viewers can expect from the channel. You have to setup at least one channel to upload videos

Start uploading your videos to these channels, using your video admin tool. You can upload scenes or full movies as videos. If you have lots of videos to upload, ask us about the bulk upload option.

Choose the absolute best screencap of the video as the preview image. You can use the screencaps that we generate automatically during the upload, or you can even upload an image that you created for this video. Make sure your image is in a suitable format such as .png, .jpeg/jpg, or .gif so it will upload

Upload a short trailer to the video. You can upload your own trailer, or you select a teaser that we cut from the movie and play from the starting point you choose.

Then add catchy titles, short descriptions, hashtags, cashtags, a per video price and optional discounts

Short video titles are preferred. Descriptions should reflect the content in short, appealing and thrilling words. Add a paragraph in a second language to your descriptions, just like multi-language social media posts.

Make sure that your video has the correct tags to make people find your videos in the search engine. Don’t use incorrect tags and make sure you are not missing matching ones.

Cashtags are categories, dress codes and characters that users can subscribe to on a recurring basis. xCashtags are a popular way to make sales on the site, and you can add them to videos in the “Price” section of the video admin.

Type in and choose from the suggested cashtags. Make sure that all significant and matching categories are assigned.

You set the price and (optional) discount for your videos. There are no set rules on how to price your videos, but gonzo and porn videos are usually a bit cheaper (1.99 - 4.99), and fetish videos qualify for higher prices (4.99 - 19.99). You should play with video prices and learn what works best for your videos. Don’t forget that you can use discounts too!

Follow the hints and tips in the video admin to help maximise your sales. We give you these hints and tips because we want you to succeed.

You have the option to publish the video instantly or schedule an automatic release of your video in the future. You can use the scheduling feature to ensure that your channel has a regular and up to date stream of content.

How do I maximize my sales?

Create great new content, add your best existing videos and give it your best shot! Listen to your customers, make them happy and keep them happy!

Use multi-language descriptions if your studio is multi-language, just like you see on social media, e.g. “This hot video brings the best female orgasm …” / “Dieses heiße Video bringt den besten weiblichen Orgasmus …”. Here is a visual sample.

Setting the correct cashtags allows new and existing subscribers to find your videos with ease.

Enable the channel purchase price to let users access all of the videos on that channel.

You can also offer the option for customers to purchase your videos one by one by setting the best price for the type of video.

You can entice customers by offering deals, and have the option to set seasonal, occasional or permanent discounts for your videos.

How can I get the ‘$40 Referral Bonus’?

Refer new users and get paid per customer that you recruit by sharing links to (including your tracking ID) everywhere on the internet ($40/user). Use boards, forums, social media or any other form of creating exposure and awareness! No technical skills required!

Simply use the pre-prepared links or create individual links to any page at by using the link generator, adding your tracking id to the link. It’s only ‘copy & paste’ and no programming skills are needed.

Our internal Referral Bonus program will track all your sales and all applicable commissions will be added to your studio payout balance automatically. These referral and commissions are also listed in your reports.

Traffic brokers, global aggregators and professional webmasters should use our external tracking program Sinxcash/Taincash, which provides more advanced statistics.

How can I get the ‘Promotion Bonus’?

Shoot or create a funny, thrilling or otherwise appealing commercial (just like a tv spot), for It can contain nudity, explicit, profane or obscene content. Just make it really good! 😊

Send the commercial to us using the upload form in your account. A SFW version is also great, so add a ‘SFW’ version if you have one. SFW means SAFE FOR WORK and should NOT contain any explicit, profane or obscene content or outgoing links.

When we release your commercial, we will mark you in the post and you must retweet our post.

The bonus is based on the follower count of your profile. It ranges from $60 - $180 per commercial. Check the prize table here.

The most successful commercials/posts with the most retweets, likes, and comments will get an extra bonus of $500 – each and every month.

How do I produce popular videos?

When creating your videos, decide if you want to have sex involved (porn) or if you want to focus on special interest clips (fetish). Many people call BDSM fetish, but this is just one type of fetish. There are many others out there (e.g. body parts, roleplay, and clothing).

The more passion you bring in, the better the videos will sell. Users can tell if you are really “involved” or just trying to make some fast cash. Attention to detailswill pay back in the long run.

Stay away from extreme specific activities if you are not familiar with it or ask a specialist to join the production. Bondage videos, for instance, need real skills, but you can do great “bound” or “tied up” videos with handcuffs, ropes, cords or tapes yourself. Just make sure you stay safe!

The length of the video depends on the type of content. Fetish works better with an introduction and needs time to reveal its magic. Porn can be shorter. Porn without a story is often called gonzo and does not require much time. Storyline porn is very popular and produced like a fetish movie.

Make crazy movies, but don’t try dangerous or illegal stuff! Check our content rules before shooting so you know what kind of content we accept, and what to avoid.

Book enthusiastic performers and people. Recruit family or friends if you need help with your shoot or equipment.

Good lighting makes a shoot look more professional and is arguably more important than the camera you use to shoot the film. Check online for LED panel lighting packages. You can typically find duo packages that start from 200 USD.

You also need a camera to shoot the footage. Really good 4K cameras start at 450 USD these days (Panasonic). You can even shoot with your smartphone (Samsung, Apple, Sony, Huawei). Don’t forget batteries and memory cards to save the footage. You can check tripods, gimbals and sticks if you have some money left.

IMPORTANT: Turn off any television or radio! You don’t have the rights to the music played there. Make sure to use only music you have the rights to in the post production. This is called royalty-free music or stock music. But read the fine print: often only the producer is compensated but NOT the author. Certain stock music services/products, e.g., can get you into trouble when using them for adult online platforms, your own websites or DVD, so beware.

Don’t forget the paperwork: you need proof of identity and age (ID shot with face, newspaper for date proof and ID/passport of the person all in one picture) of every person visible in the video, the written consent that you can use the footage unrestricted (model release/contract). In the best case scenario, you should also have a written proof of permission to use the location if it is not your own property.

How do I create proper paperwork?

The “2257” or “18 U.S. Code §2257 Statement” relates to the ID shot, which confirms the performer is of the legal age of consent to perform. The ID shot combines in one picture the person, the person’s ID/passport and usually a newspaper to prove the date of production. Find a sample here

The model release describes a contract between the producer and the performers. In this contract, performers usually grant the producer unrestricted rights to commercially use the footage. The contract often includes the financial compensation details, which might be a single payment or royalties. Find a model release contract template here

The location release is mostly requested when it comes to broadcasting for television. But since many productions are filmed in locations booked via Airbnb or similar platforms, the proof of permission is more often demanded by licensees or distributors. It is not a must-have but definitely nice-to-have, if you want to be 100% safe. Find a location release contract template here