Code of Conduct/Guidelines

Code of Conduct

  • Be considerate and respect each other
    Any action you take can affect users and contributors of the site, you should take this into account when participating within the site.

  • Respect the law
    Respect the law at all times.

  • Be nice
    Everyone should feel welcome, regardless of background or race. No offensive comments or contributions to the community.

  • Integrity and honesty
    Make sure you carry out all your actions with the same integrity and honesty as we provide back. This ensures that the site provides a safe and nice environment.

  • Speaking out
    If you find anything illegal, malicious or any inappropriate behavior we urge you to speak out and report this to our team.

  • Trust
    We put trust in you to use and contribute to our site and ask that you carry out your business in a way that adheres to our code of conduct, that in turn will ensure people can trust us back. It takes us all working together to create a trustworthy environment for all.

  • Communicate effectively
    We don't all speak the same language or at the same skill level. Clear communication can help to avoid misunderstandings, as can remembering that our interpretations of words can be different depending on our backgrounds. Having context is important. It's better to ask for clarification than to make assumptions. Disagreements, social and technical, are normal, but we expect to resolve disagreements constructively so please avoid rude behavior, trolling, personal attacks, and repetitive arguments.

  • Improper Payments
    We are truthful and transparent in our handling of payments and expect the same in return. Fraud and Dishonest refunds / Chargebacks affect our business thus affecting the site.

  • Ask for help
    Nobody is perfect. Asking questions early can avoid many problems later, so questions are encouraged. Those who are asked should be responsive and helpful.

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