Content Cash

Are you struggling with ideas of the best content to shoot? We have almost 25 years' experience in adult video production. Let us guide you and get fast cash!

Our ‘Content Cash’ scheme rewards you for producing quality content that we are hungry for at Sinxco. We have lots of categories to choose from and these are separated into two tiers of rewards, $45 and $90. These reward amounts are paid over a period of 90 days.

It’s simple, choose a genre from either category, follow the exact content requirements for the scene and get paid, guaranteed! That’s not all, once you have been fully paid for your video, you’ll earn additional income from the video with a monthly revenue share.

Content Cash Rates

  • $45 ($0.50 / day over 90 days)
  • $90 ($1 / day over 90 days)

$45 Content Cash Categories

  • Wetting & Self-Peeing (i.e. Piledriver Position)
  • Golden Showers (Duo or More, Without Sex)
  • Clothed Sex Masturbation (Dress Code!)
  • Nylon & Leg Masturbation, Licking or Teasing
  • Shoe Fetish / Socks Fetish
  • Other Clothing / Costume Fetish
  • Shiny Clothes Fetish
  • Wet & Messy Fetish
  • Wet & Messy Masturbation
  • Destruction / Crushing
  • Solo Roleplay, Financial Domination
  • Gagged / Bound / Handcuffed / Drooling
  • Catfights, Wrestling
  • Mixed Wrestling
  • Worldwide Content (US, Latin, Asia & European)

$90 Content Cash Categories

  • Golden Showers (Duo or more incl. Sex)
  • Rough / Furious Sex (incl. Clothes Ripping, etc.)
  • Clothed Sex & CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male, >> Female Dress Code!)
  • Nylon & Leg Sex
  • Orgies & Party Sex
  • Themed Blowbang / Gangbang
  • Themed Reverse Gangbang
  • Themed Lesbian Gangbang
  • Clothing / Costume Fetish & Sex
  • Shiny Clothes Fetish & Sex
  • Wet & Messy Fetish & Sex
  • Wet & Messy Sex
  • Catfights & Wrestling
  • Destruction / Crushing
  • Secretary Training (With & Without Sex)
  • Themed Femdom (With & Without Sex)
  • Roleplay & Domination (With & Without Sex)
  • Bound / Tied / Handcuffed
  • Gagged / Drooling
  • Taboo
  • Cuckold
  • Themed Bisexual Content
  • Worldwide Content (US, Latin, Asia & European)

Content Cash Submissions / Information

If you would like to submit a video for consideration for the Content Cash Scheme, have any questions or require more information about Content Cash please visit our Help & Support page and contact us. Please ensure you select the topic ‘Content Cash’ from the subject field so we can deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Requirements & Terms

  • The video must be NEWLY PRODUCED. The videos produced cannot be older than 30 days of the date you submit them. For example, if you submit a video June 2nd 2020 the video must have been produced on or after May 2nd 2020.
  • The minimum runtime for a video is 8 minutes. There is no maximum runtime for a video but a good rule to use is a runtime of between 10-20 minutes per video.
  • Your studio can submit up to 10 content cash videos per month.
  • You must be the sole owner of the video. This means the content can only be uploaded ONCE to our platform, even if the production is a content share.
  • You must have a valid model release(s) for each performer who appears. This is also known as the 2257 Form.
  • If accepted, your content will be online on our platform for a minimum of 60 months, at which time you will be unable to unpublish this video from your studio dashboard.
  • All submissions are subject to approval from our team. We have strict quality control checks and there is no guarantee a submitted video will be accepted for the bonus scheme.

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